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What is 3D CAD Design

Computer-Aided Design is creating a digital 3D model which can be 3D printed and casted into precious metal or your choice. I can help you create any custom design that your customer desires based on your provided design sketches and measurements. The digitally created model can save you time and money from hand fabricating or traditional wax carving, as many models can be repeatedly printed and casted at once! The best part what I love about CAD is the detail and precision of the settings, your client will be able to review the piece as a render and will know exactly what they are waiting for.

3D CAD design provides you with the ability to create a jewellery design and see it through in 3D and analyze the design. Any difficulties and or errors can be prevented through this visualization process, as well as alterations applied prior to creating the design in real life. It gives the client the chance to see the design with 3D printing technology and try it on! A beautiful hand-rendered design on paper in 2D at times is perceived differently by many individuals, so making this in 3D CAD will make it as close to real life as possible, as well as the chance to budget out and provide with a close enough quote for manufacturing.

Working with various 3D modelling programs gives us a chance to create unique designs incorporating digital clay sculpting.

Love, time and precision goes into working with each jewellery model.

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