About Maria -

the designer and founder of Maria K Jewellery

Maria was raised on Sydney's Northern Beaches, originally born in Far East Asia and moving to Sydney at 9 years of age. Maria's passion for gemstones began early as she loved collecting beach seashells and various rocks which she loved to identify.

Maria's early career was originally established in Hotel Management and Event Management. Completing her double bachelor’s degree from ICSM in Manly, Sydney. These degrees combined with work experience provide Maria with people and business management skills to run her business successfully.

Maria has worked in the hotel industry for just over five years, achieving a role promotion rapidly as a front office manager in Sydney CBD hotel. All prior to leaving for USA to study at the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad (South California), where she has changed her careers into jewellery and followed her passion for drawing and learning about coloured gemstones in-depth.

Since 2016 Maria has started to be involved in the jewellery industry, initially by attending introductory gemology classes at the Australian Gemological Association in 2016.

Later in the USA, Maria completed 3 diploma courses in Gemology and two in jewellery design from GIA. Since 2016 Maria has been selling, importing designer jewellery from overseas and offering to Australian market as wholesale, proving brick and mortar jewellery stores with CAD design services, as well as outsourcing coloured gemstones.

Over the years Maria has established a rapport with various gem dealers and cutters, providing her access to a wide variety of material to work with and source for any project!

Our Story

After establishing and running a successful trade service business “Gems to Jewels” since 2016– where Maria has designed CAD drawings for jewellery stores internationally, importing jewellery and coloured stones. Maria has decided to finally approach retail and has established in 2021 Maria K Jewellery. Achieving a prestigious accolade for one of her designs in 2022, Maria has become a Sydney local Award-Winning jeweller designer!

Striving to always create unique and unusual pieces, which are out of the box! Maria’s passion for jewellery and expertise in diamond grading and coloured gemstones will expose you to a wide variety of selection of coloured gemstones and diamonds for your special piece of bespoke jewellery to create a masterpiece of wearable art. 

Maria is a trusted jewellery designer with a unique set of skills, which gives her the ability to offer unparalleled expertise in creating “one-of-a-kind” and bespoke jewellery
pieces just to name a few, such as the treasured engagement rings, wedding bands with various types of diamonds and gemstones.

Our diamonds and coloured stones are all responsibly sourced from trusted sources!

The of master stone setters and jewellers who are all under professional quality control from Maria, will work with you to create a truly breathtaking jewellery piece to cherish and love for years to come!

View all the collections to find one-of-kind treasures!

Our range of jewellery extends to imported pieces curated and hand-picked by Maria from international designers such as John Ford. As well as bespoke designs which were created and designed by Maria and proudly crafted locally in Sydney, Australia. Our collections offer ready-to-wear designs ready to be worn and shipped to you right away!

Most pieces from our collections can be brought to you and are available for you to try on!

Just get in touch with us, to schedule your personal and private jewellery shopping experience!

Concierge Service

Where we organize to meet anywhere in Sydney metro area and bring the jewellery to you! 

Graduate Gemologist

Having a graduate gemologist hand selecting a wide range of loose coloured stones gives you the confidence to select natural-coloured stones or diamonds of exceptional quality for your special jewellery piece. 

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Whatever your heart desires we would love to create for you!

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