Jewellery Repairs and Remodeling

Repair process with us

We are happy to take on any repairs from other jewellers upon inspection, approximate quotes can only be provided. As a repair we usually don't normally see the underlying issues the piece might have until we commence the repair process and start working on the piece. Therefor, we will call you and advise you if the repair cost might be higher. Final repair cost will only be known upon completion of the repair work.

Various pieces are made in a number of ways and have different production styles, we will have to examine each piece to provide the right repair.

We will not be responsible for any damage occurring during the repair process, as the pieces have not been made by us and unforeseen conditions may occur during repair. As well as we can not be responsible for any further repair required in the future of the piece.

Once the pieces will be repaired by us, we will meet for a thorough inspection of the piece and assure that everything is in sound condition.

Want to know if we take on other jewellers' pieces? 

Yes we do!

How much does a repair cost?

It all depends on piece per piece and various circumstances. (please read below)

For Example

- Chain link for a 9 karat yellow gold (new link) could be around $250 AUD - depending on the link weight- estimate for a 10mm long link and 5mm width

- Replacing a new diamond (small 1.50mm round G/H SI) approximately $40.00

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