Custom Engagement Ring Design

Custom Engagement Ring Design

Creating a custom design piece of jewellery is one of Maria's specialties as she is an expert in this field and will guide you to create for either yourself or for your loved one the most exquisite masterpiece! Maria can either create a jewellery piece for you from her own inspirations, with your taste and preferences in mind. You can also work with Maria by sharing your ideas and create a masterpiece from what inspires you!

Designing a piece of jewellery can be a long process, from putting ideas onto piece of paper, selecting the final choice to be brought to life! A lot of thought goes into details and translating your story into a delicate masterpiece to be worn as an heirloom.

The Engagement Ring Design Process 

Similar to our Custom design process, our Engagement ring process just focuses more on the selection of the main center stone. You can review our current Love Collection - which is the Engagement ring collection and if any of the rings catches your eye, we are even happy to tweak the design of the current design to make it personal for you! Alternatively Maria will be delighted to create a one-of-a-kind special design just for you based on your love story.

Option to design the ring together with your partner!

We are also happy to provide one of our sample engagement rings for your special day of the proposal and later come to design the final ring with your partner together!

Maria being a gemmologist, will  be able to educate you and guide you about selecting the right diamond or coloured gemstone (according to your preference). We will review the diamond options from the database of our cutting factories directly! Each diamond will be available to be viewed at a 30 times magnification at a 360 degree view! If you will like any of the stones right away, we will be able to purchase it on your behalf. We have a number of ways to outsource diamonds and gemstones, this can all be discussed in detail in person during our meeting.

We have a simple 4 step design process from start to beginning, read each step as Maria will guide you in the design of your jewellery piece.

Step 1

We meet and discuss your project, budget and all the details, these details will provide us all the information to create a few sketches. We will review and discuss diamond options or coloured stone options for your design. 

Step 2

We meet second time and select which design sketch you like the most to be created as a 3D CAD model of your future jewellery piece. If any of the designs catches your attention then a $200.00 deposit is paid and Maria will start working on the 3D CAD model for you which should take up to one week!

- The deposit is contributed toward the final cost of the piece. 

Step 3

 We review your 3D CAD model in person as a print (if you'd like) or by email and video, which ever way is easier. Only now we can finally provide a final quote for this piece. The final approved 3D CAD model design will be able to give us how much time and materials are needed to make this and will be able to give you a final quote.

If you approve this 3D CAD model, we will begin looking for gemstones and diamonds for the design during this stage of the process as well as start making the piece for you. We can also organise to meet again in person to review the diamonds and gemstones in person which are acquired on your behalf for the upcoming piece.

This time a 50% deposit will be required to start your piece. Each piece is individual depending if it's a complex necklace or a ring, production time varies. Usually the production time can be around 6 to 8 weeks for a ring from here onwards.

Step 4

 We meet for the final time with your piece ready!

Note From the Designer

"I would love to create your dream piece of jewellery come true as I believe that anything is possible.

As a gemologist, I can source and recommend suitable gemstones to create unique jewellery pieces. 3D CAD designs that generate photo realistic renderings are created and refined before the piece is created. You’ll be consulted during the process and will be part of the custom jewellery design process.

We can start a design for you from any way you prefer – have you got a favourite gemstone in your collection or perhaps an idea which you’d like to bring to life? Then contact Maria by filling out the below Contact Form or Call to book your free design consultation by calling 0481 357 691 and let’s get it started bringing your dream custom design jewellery piece to life! Consultations are by appointment in person in our Sydney showroom located in the CBD or we can meet in a café near you!"

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