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Hand Selected - Curated Collection of Coloured Gemstones by a Gemmologist

We have a wide variety of gemstones to select for you and choose from either for your gemstone collection or to create your bespoke piece of jewellery!


About our Coloured Stones

Our curated collection of coloured stones has been hand selected over a period of 6 years from various trade shows, gem dealers and selected rough. Each coloured gemstone purchased from us can be designed into a custom piece of jewellery for you or as a gift for someone special to be adorned for years to come! All of the gemstones in our collection have been curated over the past few years from various trusted sources - primary and secondary, our primary sources means that we have gone as close as possible to the mines – or have curated these beauties from the miners who have mined them! Our secondary sources are the coloured gemstones which we have acquired form gem cutters and artisans who work directly with the miners and have travelled to the mining sites to obtain the rough! Our gem sources include parties such as directly from the miners who have cut material themselves, gem cutters who deal directly with artisanal miners and gem manufacturers who source quality material and have the gem material faceted/cut at their facilities using proper precision machinery. We want all gemstones to arrive safely with their future owner (you) and for that - correct packaging procedure goes into sending your parcel safely to you.Each gemstone purchased comes in its own gemstone box case, which is cushioned and gives maximum protection for the stone when being stored. The gemstone box is bubble wrapped and placed in a parcel box - that way both of us have peace of mind that your gemstone will arrive to you safely. Please view our in-stock and ready to ship coloured gemstones! Would you prefer to view the Coloured Gemstone Collection in person at our Sydney Showroom? Please schedule a free consultation below for your time of convenience to meet at the Sydney showroom with our Award-Winning jewellery designer and gemologist Maria!